Back to School Freebies!

Back to School season always fills me with anxiety.  There are soooooo many things to do and such a short period of time to do them all.  And there are so many meetings to attend!

I have the same nightmare every year.  It's the first day of school, there is a classroom of new students staring at me, and I am completely unprepared.  It's like I went to school that day and didn't know I had to teach.  And so I teach a lesson on "¿cómo te llamas?" and I totally wing it.  And I look completely unprepared in front of a whole classroom of students.  I don't like winging anything, so this nightmare fills me with anxiety.  Can you imagine teaching a lesson without any prep?  I don't even like thinking about it.

There are two ebooks that have just come out, both of which will help Spanish teachers get prepared for the year!  Avoid that back to school nightmare and maybe also peruse these ebooks at one of those faculty meetings.  You have to do something while listening to ELA Common Core Standards, right?

Back to School K-12 Spanish ebook freebies

This Spanish ebook includes more than 20 Spanish teachers of all grade levels from TpT.  It is a freebie in The World Language Cafe's store.  There are ice breaker activities, review games for upper-level classes, classroom signs, and even a song!

Back to School K-12 ebook freebies

The second freebie includes Spanish teachers in Michele Luck's Social Studies store.  There are task cards, and activities with stereotypes, cognates, useful phrases, and culture facts.  

Download both Back to School ebooks and enjoy the abundance of resources!  I hope this makes the Back to School season just a little bit smoother!

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