Teacher Time Saver Linky Party

Teacher Time Saver Linky Party
I'm participating in Literacy Loves Company's Teacher Time Savers Linky Party!  When I was a new teacher, it used to take me forever and a half to take attendance.  My first year I actually gave up very early in the school year on taking attendance.  It took too long and I was losing tons of precious time every day to staring at students' names on a list.  And what was the point of taking attendance anyway?  I would still do it wrong half the time.  I relied solely on my memory to decide if a student was absent that day or if he or she simply did not turn the classwork or quiz in.  It was honestly not a great system.  My mentor teacher was mortified when I told her I don't take attendance, so I had to figure something out.

My second year I got tired of spending 10 minutes taking attendance in every 42 minute class period and so I got creative to solve this problem!  I went into Paint and created boxes for students' "seats" in my classroom, and under those boxes for students' names I added 2 rows of 5 small boxes so I could take attendance for 2 weeks right on the seating chart.  I could simply stand at the front of the room while students were completing their bellringer activity, look at which seats were empty, and mark those students absent.  It took mere seconds.  Then when I went into the grade book later I could look at my seating chart for each class and see who was absent (and therefore needed to make up work) and who was present (and very well should have turned work in).

Editable Seating Chart

I added the boxes I made in Paint to a Word document.  I arranged the "seats" like my classroom, added text boxes over top of them, and typed students names in.  When I changed students' seats, I could simply move the text boxes around without having to move the "seats" of the classroom.  Every two weeks I would print off a new seating chart for each class and I was good to go!  Voila!

Editable Seating Chart
Taking attendance right on the seating chart saved me many minutes every class period because it was so easy and let me start teaching as soon as my students were done their bellringer!  

This editable seating chart is a freebie available in my Tpt store HERE or you can click on the "Editable Seating Chart" picture above.  You can move the boxes all around to arrange the seats like your own classroom, copy/paste the document so you have as many seating charts as classes you teach, and then type students' names in the boxes for each class period.  Then when you change seats you can simply move the students' names around, and every two weeks you can print off a new seating chart to take attendance!  I hope this helps save you time like it did for me!  


  1. This is a great idea and I can see how the time you saved added up! I teach elementary, so this would be helpful in keeping track of students who have attendance issues or have patterns to their absences (every Friday :) ) . Thank you for sharing this as a freebie!
    Literacy Loves Company