Five Facts about Me!

I'm participating in Nikki from Teaching Autism's 5 facts linky! This seems like a fun opportunity to reveal some info about myself!

1.  I live in the Bronx in New York City, but I am not from New York. New Yorkers take one look at me and ask me where I'm from. They instinctively know somehow that I'm not from around these parts. I tell people in New York that I'm from Maryland. I tell people in Maryland that I'm from New Jersey. I tell people in New Jersey that I'm from Maryland but I live in New York. Complicated, right? I lived in New Jersey until I was 12, then moved to Maryland. I lived there until I was 28. I've been in New York for 3 years now! I speak like I'm from New Jersey though! You can take the girl out of South Jersey, but you can't take the South Jersey out of the girl.

2.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE traveling!!! I went to Greece and Italy for 16 days this past summer. You can read all about that trip (and be jealous of how amazing it was) HERE. I also went to San Francisco for the first time this summer! I had been to Italy before (3rd time!) but that was my first time in Greece. It's the 16th country I've visited! I'm going to Machu Picchu in March and I'm DELIRIOUSLY excited! Is it March yet???

3.  Yup, you read that right. I do not have a television. I watch lots of tv though on Hulu and I have Netflix and HBO go. So I still keep up with Empire!

4.  I've had guinea pigs since I was about 5. They are so adorable! And easy to take care of. That's an important quality in a pet. My current piggie's name is Honey because her coat is the color of honey. She's hard to take a decent picture of though because she is the scardiest scardy pig on the planet. Scaredy is totally a word. It's a synonym with "afraid of everything". Now you know.

5.  I cannot stop eating hummus. I make my own because otherwise I'd be spending $20/week just on hummus and I cannot afford to live like that. Making my own hummus also means I get to play with different flavors not available in stores. Chipotle flavor is really good and I swear I was making it before it showed up in stores!

So there are 5 fun facts about me! Who else is addicted to hummus?


  1. Thanks for linking up with me and sharing some facts about yourself! How do you find living in New York? We visited there in August and I hated it, I can't explain why, but it surely was not everything that I expected it to be! I've done San Fran before too - it's beautiful, isn't it? I've not done Greece though, that's always be on my travel list, it just looks so beautiful! Wow Machu Picchu? Never heard of it but sounds like it's going to be AMAZING! Hope you have a GREAT holiday!! Loved reading your facts! Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us!

    Teaching Autism

  2. I actually like NY! It absolutely takes some getting used to though. That's for sure! San Fran was pretty, but it was cold. It was like 65 degrees in July and I wasn't a fan of that. I want my summers to be summer! Greece was AMAZING. I loved every single second of it. It was 100+ degrees every day that I was there, so the heat was miserable, but everything else was so wonderful that the heat didn't even matter. I would go back in a heartbeat! You have to google images of Machu Picchu. It looks like the most amazing place on earth! I can't wait to go :) Thanks so much for hosting the linky!

  3. Thanks for linking up. I, too, have a container of homemade hummus in my refrigerator at this very moment. LOVE it. I am always amazed and impressed with people who can live in a big city. I just cannot imagine. I could live where my closest neighbor was 5 miles away and be happy. New York city makes me hyperventilate despite my mother taking me there for many trips as a kid trying to get me to share her love for city life. I wish you luck on all your adventures!!

  4. I miss the suburbs most days living in NYC, but I can't imagine living miles from the nearest neighbor! Living in the Bronx isn't like living in downtown Manhattan though. I live in a house, not a skyscraper, and I rarely hear sirens. They go by all times of the day and night in Manhattan! I couldn't live in a place that doesn't ever sleep like that. Thanks so much for stopping by!