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Back to School Blog Hop & Free Resources

It's that time of the year....

Back to school.


But I have good news!

Great news actually.

I have a free resource for you that is great for the beginning of the school year!

If you teach Spanish 1 students the alphabet, this is a classwork you can use to give students extra practice with:

  • listening to differences in how similar words are pronounced (piso vs peso)
  • listening to spelling words
  • writing how letters are pronounced in Spanish

It includes 2 pages of classwork for students, a listening script for the teacher, and a teacher's guide with ideas for how best to implement this resource.

Students will become much more comfortable with the alphabet in one class period and realize you aren't trying to make them to memorize 30 letters in one day. Because seriously like 25 letters are the same as English so... please start trying, kids.

Where can you get this lovely free resource? You can click the image above, or click here to get this free alphabet classwork.

But wait - there's more!

This blog is part of a blog hop. That means I am working with a group of 16 other Spanish and bilingual sellers and we're each offering a free resource for Back to School.

CLICK THIS LINK to go to The Busy Finch's Spanish Classroom's blog and see what great resource she has up for grabs! 

Click to the next and the next and the next blog... you'll know you've seen what everyone has to offer when you get back to my blog.

I hope you find some really great resources to make this the best beginning of the school year yet!


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