Holidays Ideas in the Spanish Classroom

'Twas the week before Winter Break, when all through the schools
Every student was stirring, and breaking all the rules...

That's how that poem goes, right?! The countdown to Winter Break has begun!

Here are some ideas to keep your Spanish classes of all levels continuing to learn new Spanish vocabulary, and allow them some creativity in the days leading up to Winter Break.

Scavenger Hunt

I love this activity. It's easy to prep and students get to get up out of their seats, so it's engaging and a great review activity. The teacher has to hang up the half-sheets around the room in a random order. Students walk around the room and look at the clipart clue on any half-sheet they want to start with, find the vocabulary word hanging around the room, write it down on their handout, walk over to the vocabulary word and look at the next clipart clue, and eventually the last one will lead back to the first. Students practice 34 Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter-themed Spanish vocabulary words.

Three Kings Day {El Día de los Reyes} Webquest

This activity is public school-safe! I try to avoid anything that can be seen as too religious in public schools. It can be like poking a sleeping bear. It seems totally fine, right until the bear wakes up and you find yourself in a meeting with the principal and a gang of angry parents. Has this happened to anyone else?

This webquest gives students three websites to read about how Christmas and Dia de los Reyes are celebrated in Puerto Rico. So while, yes, the holidays do have an (obvious) religious background, these are not emphasized. It focuses more on how the holidays are celebrated, rather than why.

Verb Conjugations Coloring Activity

I also really love coloring activities. I've blogged about how awesome they are HERE. There is a verb in each part of the elf and students have to color based on which subject pronoun the verb matches. Students can do this with present tense, future tense, or preterite tense verbs, so they get to practice with whichever tense they are familiar with. And coloring activities are so calming - every teacher's best friend!

Bingo {Lotería}, Memory, and I Have Who Has

All three games use the same 34 Christmas, Hanukkah, and winter-themed vocabulary words from the Scavenger Hunt activity. The Bingo game has 35 different bingo cards, so students don't all get bingo at the same time.  These games will all keep students engaged and learning new Spanish vocabulary in those last few (crazy) days leading up to Winter Break.

All of these activities are available individually in my store, or bundled together HERE.

I hope you find these activity ideas to be helpful!  What else do you like to do in your Spanish classes right before Winter Break?

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