First Day Ice Breaker

Get students speaking Spanish and getting to know each other on the very first day of Spanish 1!  This activity would also work as a great review of Spanish for Spanish 2 students!  Or it could be used as a time-filler when you find out 5 minutes before 1st period that there will be an assembly with another grade level and 1st period will not be dismissed until the assembly is out, and of course no one knows how long it will run.  Administrators like to surprise teachers like this at other schools too, right?  #beflexible

First Day Spanish Ice Breaker Activity
This is an ice breaker activity in which students have to find someone who... knows how to say "good morning" in Spanish, has a cumpleaños en agosto o septiembre, es impaciente, and 12 other questions.  There are prompts for the questions so students know how to ask their classmates each question.  This document is also editable so it can be customized to suit classrooms all around the world!

First Day Spanish Ice Breaker Activity
Students get up and walk around the room, asking their classmates in Spanish the questions on their paper.  They answer  or no and write the names of their classmates who do each activity in the box.  The goal is to find all 15 people in the class.

The teacher can then call on students and ask who they have in each box and get to know each student!  Spanish 1 students will find out they can already figure out many things in Spanish, and Spanish 2 students can start reviewing Spanish 1 material.

This ice breaker activity is available for free here in my store!  Check it out and have fun with it!

What other activities do you do to start getting to know students and break the ice?

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