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Listening Activities for Lower Level Spanish Classes

I like to include listening activities in my Spanish classes as much as I can.

It can be seriously challenging to find good listening activities for lower level students, though.

Textbooks only have so many (good) listening comprehension activities, and it can be tricky to find recordings of Spanish speakers who speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY.

Here are two great websites that I've found and used in my Spanish 1 and 2 classes:

1.  Quia
There are listening activities for Level 1 HERE and for Level 2 HERE.

Click "Start now>>" and you will see 10 multiple-choice listening activities.

Each time you reload the page, it will give you new activities. (Good news if you want more options, bad news if you want to bookmark the page and go back in the future for particular recordings.)

There are probably 30 listening activities that Quia randomly picks and loads on the webpage.

Quia provides multiple-choice questions for each listening activity, so you can use those or make your own!

I like to go through and listen to all the activities and record the ones I want to use in class. I used Audacity to record them, which is a free program you can download on your Mac or PC. It's super easy to use, and then you can save the recordings to your computer and use them year after year.

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2.  123TeachMe
There are listening activities for Novice Low HERE.

There are 39 "groups", and each has two audio recordings.

I just go through and listen to a bunch of them and record the ones I want to use in class.

These recordings show up in the same order every time you load the page, so you can pull up the website in class and play the recording(s) you want.

The website includes a question for each recording, so you can use that one or create your own!

I hope these ideas have helped you include more listening activities with native speakers in your lower level classes!  Where else do you get good listening activities?  I'd love to hear other suggestions!


  1. I just came across your page on Pinterest- Can you copy and paste the link to a recording to put in in Google CLassroom for example?

    1. This includes practice for Level 1:

      You just have to click "Start Now>>" and it'll load 10 listening comprehension questions, recordings, and multiple choice questions. Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Que linda! Thanks for sharing this links!

  4. You can also download the links for each recording which appear above the recording. That is how I've saved them in the past.